Our Ethos

Valkyrie is a socially conscious, ethically aware brand. As an emerging brand we take as many measures as possible to ensure we minimise our negative impact on both the environment + the people who make our clothes. 
This commitment affects all our decision making, from our fabric choices, to our manufacturers, to the way we choose to sell our products.

Fabrics + Quality

We choose the highest quality fabrics available from local Australian providers.
These can include recycled LYCRAs + other sustainably produced fabrics. It is important to understand that in the fitness apparel market there is a degree of performance that is required from the garments (meaning lots of specialised fibres), + technology is still being developed to create fully recyclable, closed loop materials that perform the way we need them to.
Despite this, we promise to use the best, most sustainable fabrics for our collections wherever we can, + to continue to be educated + up to date with our practices.
Until the technology catches up, we will do our bit for the environment by creating garments of the highest quality, designed to last and perform at a high level, so you won't need to replace them + see them going into landfill!


We are proudly an Australian company, with everything from design to manufacture to distribution being done in Australia. This enables us to support our local creative industry + economy, more closely monitor our product's quality when in production + ensure the high working conditions + fair pay of our manufacturers.
Currently, we source our fabric from an Australian company in Brisbane, while all our trims, printing + manufacturing is done through local businesses in Sydney.


As we are so passionate about creating our products the right way, with the right people + the right materials, it means our overheads + production costs are a lot higher than brands that choose to mass produce in overseas factories. We hope you understand this + choose to invest in the higher quality, premium + sustainable product that Valkyrie is creating.